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The launch of the Anti-Crime efforts in Cabinet

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22nd May 2012

The President of the Republic, His Excellency Sheikh Prof. Alh. Dr. Yahya Jammeh Tuesday launched an intensive counter crime measure code named operation Bulldozer. The aim and objective of the operation is to wipe out criminal elements who have in the recent past caused havoc on innocent civilians.

The Gambian leader launched the anti crime efforts during a meeting of the national security council which is also chaired by the Vice President. The meeting brought together the security high command who were told by Prof. Jammeh to put up the team and other logistics for the operation to begin on Monday 28th May.

"The reason why I called you is for me to make it very clear to you, all the security forces and of course the national security council that no diplomacy or no aid or no friendship would allow me to allow people to destroy my country. Everybody is welcomed to this country but certainly not criminals. Those who think that their bad habits can be brought to this country they are making a very big mistake. We are not going to tolerate criminal behaviour; crime in whatever form is unacceptable. We have zero tolerance for crime and we are not going to compromise on that whether or not we signed any protocol with them. So the reason why I called you is that we have to get rid off all the criminal elements. We will call it operation bulldozer and I will personally supervise that",

he told a listening Chief of Defense Staff, Inspector General of Police and the various heads of the other security outfits including the intelligence networks before landing it harder than expected to reflect the importance his government attaches to this special operation.

"I want all the criminals out of this country and those who are Gambians must go to jail, because we will not allow less than 1% of the population to hold a country's destiny at ransom".


The President is also very specific with regards to his target. He listed them one after the other from the far end of his conference table from where he addresses the meeting that was also attended by the Vice President and Cabinet Ministers:

"Drug dealing, pedophiles, homosexuals, murderers, drug traffickers, human traffickers, 419…..we are not going to tolerate that in this country. Black or white I don't care, I am not a racist. As from now I want to make sure that anybody can walk in Serrekunda or Manjai or Brikama or Kanilai at 4 a.m. with a bag of money on his hand and nobody will ask him why. So from here start working on a team, we want to make sure that no criminal would sleep in Serrekunda or any part of this country".

President Jammeh soon shifted attention to something else as heinous as the ones previously mentioned:

"And for armed robbers I would give you this message…shoot first and ask questions later. We cannot allow armed robbers to terrorize innocent people in this country. In fact armed robbers are not welcomed, the fact that they are armed it means an invasion of the privacy of citizens. They shoot people, killed people and get away with their properties; that is not going to happen in this country".

The operation will see men and women from the different security outfits in action in the coming weeks, but the President has also said that it will stay as a permanent task force even after it had achieved its June deadline. It spares none but the clean and the innocent, for the crimes perpetrated against innocent civilians are infamous and unpopular and cannot be accepted.

The President also used the occasion to commend the Police force for the gains made against offenders in recent time. "In my government there is punishment and reward", he says, in reference to an earlier criticism of the same force when he felt they could have done more to arrest the situation at the time. But recent breaks in two murder cases have earned the IGP and his force credit and a tap at the back from the same hand that wave them off when they did bad.

By Alh. Abdou Njie
Press Officer, State House








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