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President Jammeh receiving the Volunteer Service Award from the International Parliament For Safety and Peace, in recognition and appreciation of his commitment to strengthening our nation and for making a difference through volunteer service.

President Jammeh receiving the Presidential Champions Platinum Award, in recognition of his longstanding commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle.
President Jammeh receiving the award of Admiral in the Great Navy of the State of Nebraska.
President Jammeh receiving the Honoris Causa award.
President Jammeh presented with a book "The Gambia and its President On The Road To A Prospering Future".

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iPSP honors President Jammeh
16th September 2010

President Jammeh Thursday received four distinctive awards and a book entitled The Gambia and its President On The Road To A Prospering Future. The awards were presented to President Jammeh by officials of the International Parliament For Safety and Peace (IPSP).

Presenting the awards to the President, the designated Ambassador of IPSP to The Gambia Colonel George Reiff spoke of IPSP's pride to have in their midst a genuine leader who pursues peace for the good of mankind and brought about rapid socio-economic and infrastructural development in his country. These Unique leadership qualities he said is what led to President Jammeh's selection as the vice president of the IPSP since 2008.

In a letter accompanying his two awards the US President Barrack Obama described President Jammeh as an inspirational leader and thanked him for his exemplary dedication, determination and perseverance for the development of The Gambia as well as the advancement of humanity at large.

The Assistant Ambassador IPSP Professor Dr. Holger Luttish, who authored the book entitled The Gambia and its President on the road to a prospering future, described the Gambian leader as a new generation of leaders who are concerned with the general consensus and give hope to the hopeless. He said some of the world's problems in the 21st century are compounded by socio-economic and political issues aggravated by leaders concerned with only their wealth and fame at the expense of the masses.

The Gambian leader expressed delight for the awards and for exposing his success stories to the global community, which he described as a blessing from God.

Professor Jammeh said the awards are a new challenge to his development endeavors and reiterated his commitment to the promotion of world peace. Commenting on his HIV/AIDS treatment program, President Jammeh deplored the double standard and smear campaign of the western pharmaceutical companies saying they are only out to make money.

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