Kanja B.A.S Sanneh
Secretary of State For Agriculture



Kanja B.A.S. Sanneh
Address :

Faji - Kunda Bajonko
Kombo Saint Mary Division
The Gambia
Tel: (220) 4228270/9706662
E-mail : sannehk2002@yahoo.com
E-mail : rokiasanneh@aol.com

Professional Summary

  • Ten years of progressive experience in Community / Rural Development work.
  • Over Six years teaching experience.
  • Four years of progressive experience in water and sanitation, and Primary Health Care.
  • Seven years of experience as a health care trainer, Health Care consultant doing community mobilization.

Experience Highlights

02/2002 – 03/2002 - World Health Organization (WHO – The Gambia)
  Consultant: Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria
- As a consultant, I worked in collaboration with the National AIDS Secretariat and the Gambia country coordinating mechanism (CCM) to:
  • Develop terms of reference for the CCM,
  • Identify strategies for the effective functioning of the CCM in the next 12 months
  • Compile and collate all relevant information necessary for the development of the funding proposal
  • Prepare and present draft completed proposal to the working group and main CCM
  • Incorporate comments from the CCM and finalize proposal.
08/2001 – 12/2001: Johnson County Community College
  Adjunct Assistant Professor
I taught an introduction to sociology course.

09/ 2000 – 05/2001: Doctors without Borders (Medicins Sans Frontieres - Belgium)
  Social Support Adviser, Nairobi – Kenya
- As part of my duties / functions, I was assigned to:
  • Develop project strategies, structures, systems, skills enabling people living with HIV/AIDS to effectively mobilize all their personal and environmental resources.
  • Create a strong network of partners in the key areas of social support with whom the beneficiaries and the project team can establish inter-dependant relationships.
  • Support selected partners in their organizational development.
  • Guide and assist selected partners doing comprehensive planning, needs assessment, conducting research, allocation of funds to meet the needs of people living with / affected by HIV/AIDS.
  • Advice / support counseling and community organization programs.
  • Realize fund-raising for social support programs / activities
  • Work with communities on environmental health & sanitation programs.
  • Help develop training programs for community health workers, and social workers.
  • Collaborating with partner organizations in key areas relating to /affected by HIV/AIDS.
1997 – 1998: Brown Mackie College


Adjunct Sociology Instructor,
I taught an undergraduate sociology course

1990 – 1992: UNICEF
  Training / Health education support officer

- I was attached to the Ministry of Health (Uganda) in:

  • Planning, developing and supporting Health Care training activities for the Control of Diarrhea diseases program.
  • Training district health Inspectors, Community Health workers and Traditional Healers on primary Health Care and HIV/AIDS.
  • Engaged in qualitative Research with the OAU Scientific Unit on Ethno-botany and use of Traditional medicine and HIV/AIDS in various districts of Uganda.
1989 – 1990: UNICEF - Kampala (Uganda)
  • I was developing guidelines for the establishment of linkages between traditional African healers and Uganda Ministry of Health (CDD staff) with regards to treating Diarrhea and child hood communicable diseases.
  • Working with various Non Governmental Organizations on the relationship between Diarrhea and HIV/AIDS.
  • Collecting and analyzing data and information on HIV/AIDS.
  • Program planning for Traditional medicine in Primary Health Care.
1987 – 1988: CARE International (USA) Uganda Country Program
  Borehole maintenance supervisor: West Nile Agriculture Rehabilitation Project.
  • I was training community identified pump mechanic trainees on the repair and maintenance of the India Mark 2 hand pumps.
  • I was doing community mobilization on water / sanitation, spring protection, construction / maintenance of ventilated improved pit (VIP) latrines, and health education. Also, took part in the rehabilitation of refugees and displaced persons through the provision of basic livelihood (agriculture and health) services.
1986 – 1987: UNICEF
  Project support communication officer (Uganda)
- I was doing:
  • Community mobilization on water and sanitation, spring protection, construction / repair of Ventilated Improved pit (VIP) latrines and the child survival initiative.
  • Primary Health Care programs / activities.
  • HIV/AIDS awareness and education (with TASO, Media, sex industry, Youth groups, Traditional Healers, etc.).
  • Re-integration / resettlement of refugees in the West-Nile region.
  • Re-integration of child soldiers with families / society.
  • Program planning monitoring and evaluation.
1984 – 1986: The Gambia Government
  Cooperative Officer
- I was lecturing at the cooperative training institute (Yundum) on transfer

1983 – 1984: The Gambia Government
  Community Development Officer


I was managing / supervising community development field staff, Programs and projects
I approve small finance claims of field staff working under my supervision and recommend them for payment.
I work in partnership with officers of other agencies in my operational area.
1976 – 1979: The Gambia Government
  Villager - level Community Development Field Assistant
- I was engaged in:
  • Various rural / community development activities, including feeder roads / school construction, vegetable gardening.
  • Women's programs involving Income Generating Activities, micro-credit programs and Primary Health Care.
  • Children's programs involving Day Care, School feeding / nutrition programs and child welfare programs (in collaboration with NGOs like (CRS – Gambia).

B. Sc -
Agriculture / Rural Sociology, University of Missouri - Columbia, 1982
Diploma - Community Development, University of Missouri -Columbia, 1980
Certificate - City & County Planning, University of Missouri -Columbia, 1980
MA - Sociology, Central Missouri State University, Warrensburg, 1993
MPH - Public Health, University of Kansas, Kansas City, Kansas 1999
M. Sc - Agriculture technology, Central Missouri State University, Warrensburg, 2005