President of the Republic of The Gambia
and Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces


DATE OF BIRTH: 25th May 1965
PLACE OF BIRTH: Kanilai Village
Foni Kansala District
Western Division
Madam Zineb Yahya Jammeh
CHILDREN: One Daughter and Son


Passed Common Entrance Examination and attained a Government Scholarship

1976 - 1978

Saint Edwards Primary School Bwiam

1972 - 1976

Kanilai Primary
(Formerly St. Anthony's School)



Passed General Certificate of Education (GCE 0' Level) with Credits in Geography, English, French, Biology and Physics. Also obtained passes in Chemistry and Oral English

1978 -1983

Gambia High School



September 1989


December 1987

Promoted to Cadet Officer

April 1 1986

Promoted from Private to Sergeant

April 1 1984

Joined the former Gambia National Gendarmerie

Gambia National Army:

August 1991 to July 1994 Gambia National Army
(Officer Commanding, GNA Military Police Yundum Barracks)
June 1991 to August 1991 Military Police Unit of
The Gambia National Gendarmerie
(as Officer Commanding)
January 1991 to June 1991 Mobile Gendarmerie
(as Officer Commanding)
December 1987 to August 1989 Gendarmerie Training School (School of Presidential Escort)
April 1986 to December 1987 Mobile Gendarmerie
Special Guards Unit
August 1984 to April 1986 Special Intervention Unit



September 1993 - January 1994 Attended Military Police Officers Basic Course (MPOBC) at Port McClellan, Alabama, USA.
Obtained a Diploma in Military Science (Military Operations)


August 28, 1996 Promoted to the Rank of Colonel
November 17, 1994 Promoted to the Rank of Captain along with other AFPRC Members
February 1, 1992 Promoted to Lieutenant
September 29, 1989 Promoted to Second Lieutenant
1993 Special Officer In-Charge of close protection of visiting ECOMOG Field Commander
February 23 - 24 1992 Officer In-Charge of close protection of Pope John Paul II and entourage
  Officer In-Charge of VIP security in State functions including Heads of State
August 1990 Officer in-Charge of ECOWAS Peace Conference for Liberia at Kairaba Beach Hotel
1990 Special Security Officer for Visiting Heads of State of the ECOWAS Summit at Kairaba Beach Hotel
March 2001 Decorated with Grand Croix dans l'Ordre National du Lion
July 2000 Decorated with Orders of The Distinction of Liberia
September 1999 Decorated with Libya's Highest Honour The African Medal by Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gadaffi
April 1999 Awarded the World Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Biographical Institute,Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
April 1999 Nominated 1999 Platinum Record for Exceptional Performance by the American Biographical Institute,raleigh, North Carolina,USA
March 1999 Nominated Outstanding People of The 20th Century by the International Biographical Institute, Cambridge, England
March 1999 Awarded the 2000 Millennium Medal of Honour from the American Biographical Institute of the United States of America
March 1999

Appointed Deputy Governor of American Biographical Institute Research Association (ABIRA) North Carolina, United Stated of America

February 1999 Awarded the Doctor of Civil Laws Degree from St.Mary's University, Halifax, Canada
December 1998 Awarded the Islamic Worldwide "Grand Prix" by The Cheikhna Cheikh Saad Bouh Foundation of Dakar, Senegal
November 1998 Awarded the Grand Order of Bravery by the Libyan Leader Colonel Muammar Gadaffi
September 1998 Appointed Honorary Admiral, Alabama State Navy by the Governor of The State of Alabama
1998 Awarded The Gold Record of Achievement for 1997by The American Biographical Institute in Raleigh, North Carolina,USA
1997 Nominated Man of The Year by the American Biographical Institute in Raleigh,North Carolina, USA
1997 Awarded the 1997 Pan- African Humanitarian Award by The Pan-African Foundation and The World Council
1996 Decorated with the highest Chinese Insignia -The Order of Brilliant Jade with Grand CORDON of The Republic of China
1995 Decorated with the highest Libyan Insignia -Grand Commander of The Order of AL-FATAH
January 27, 1994 Appointed Honorary Lt. Col. ADC, Alabama State Military, USA
November 1993 Appointed Honorary Citizen of the State of Georgia, USA
November 2001 Elected 1st Vice Chairman of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) during its 9th Meeting of Heads of State and Government held in Doha, Qatar
  Chairman of the Authority of Heads of State and Government of West African Monetary Zone 2005
September 1997
November 2000
Chairman of the Inter-states Committee for the Control of Drought in the Sahel (CILSS) (Elected during the 12th Conference of Heads of State and Government of CILSS held in The Gambia in September 1997)
October 18, 1996 Became President of The Republic of The Gambia
September 27, 1996 Elected First President of The Second Republic of The Gambia
September 8, 1996 Retired from the Army
July 22, 1994 Chairman of the Armed Forces Provisional Ruling Council and Head of State
  Playing Tennis,
Playing Soccer,
Hunting in the Forests,
Driving and Riding Motorcycles, Browsing the Internet,
Watching Music Movies,
Animal Rearing and
Keenly following world events.
  Possesses extensive knowledge in traditional herbal therapy especially in the treatment of Asthma and Epilepsy.