Secretary of State for Trade, Industry and Employment


Name: Abdou Kolley

Current Title: Secretary of State (Trade, Industry and Employment )

Current Duty Station: Banjul, The Gambia

Current Phone No: Office 220-420-1432;
Cell Phone 220-990 2809 / 996 4222

Current email: abdoukolley@hotmail.com

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 01 January 1970

Nationality: Gambian



Economic Analyst, Strategic Policy Unit

Under the direct supervision of the Economic Advisor, assisted in the administration and management of UNDP technical cooperation in The Gambia to ensure a successful implementation of programmes and improve the general image of the United Nations, including participation in resource mobilisation and aid co-ordination.

  • Analysed, assessed the socio-economic and political environment and maintained continuous dialogue with partners to provide development advisory services, identify catalytic areas eligible for UNDP support and intervention, and develop programmes / priorities in the light of national priorities and UNDP strategic focus areas;
  • Effectively participated in aid coordination and resource mobilization efforts by leading and also contributing in drafting project proposals (Trac II- $984,610, UNDEF-$350,000 EC for elections-E500,000), and provided substantive advice to government on the Round Table process;
  • Advocated the MDGs and Human Development concepts, and assisted in the preparation and validation of the MDGR and the NHDR, including drafting of concept notes, terms of references and coordinating the work of consultants. Played active role in MDG sensitisation campaigns including for media, National Assembly Members, civil society organisations;
  • Overseen and coordinated CO's support to MDG planning processes, including drafting of TORs, recruitment of consultants, training on use of Millennium Project costing methodologies, and formulation of the MDG-based PRSP 2007-2011, while ensuring technical quality;
  • Substantively contributed to the formulation of the Common Country Assessment 2005, United Nations Development Assistance Framework 2007 -2011, UNDP Country Programme Document and led the formulation of the Country Programme Action Plan 2007-2011 in collaboration with the Programme Team.


Senior Economist, Principal Economist, Director

As member of the management team of this newly created agency involved in ensuring that agency is put on a sound footing, including formulation of job descriptions for staff, scheme of service and staff service rules, as well as putting in place proper financial rules and procedures.

  • Prepared terms of reference for consultancies and monitored all technical matters undertaken by consultants, necessary to prepare public enterprises for divestiture.
  • Participated in the formulation process of the Gambia's Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper 2003-2005 (PRSP I) and was part of the select group for the final drafting and editing of the document.
  • Involved in formulation of policies, review and analysis of budgets and financial statements of public enterprises as representative of the Permanent Secretary on the various Boards of Directors.
  • Participated in monitoring and evaluation of public enterprise performance, and ensuring compliance with government policies in line with the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), and led the review of the MOU and the annual setting of indicators and performance targets.


Major achievement included:

  • Reviewed private sector development issues for the purpose of developing and stimulating private sector initiative; reviewed and analysed a number of investment /project proposals from both the public enterprises and the private sector for government support and possible donor funding;
  • Attended proceedings of the Major Tender Board and Participated in the Board's tender evaluation sub-committees;
  • Successfully coordinated the initial stage of the World Bank funded Capacity Building for Economic Management Project by assisting beneficiary institutions in preparing concept papers, coordinating the recruitment of consultants, drafting terms of reference for relevant sector studies.
  • Effectively contributed in the formulation of Gambia Divestiture and Regulatory Strategy, and establishment of Gambia Divestiture Agency and Public Utilities Regulatory Authority to divest government assets and interests in public corporations and to regulate public utilities, respectively.


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  • The Gambia's Divestiture Strategy, Economic Watch, Volume 1, Issue1, December 2001 Published by Department of State for Finance and Economic Affairs – The Gambia.
  • The Need for a Capital Market in the Gambia, Economic Watch, Volume 1, Issue 2, June 2002 Published by Department of State for Finance and Economic Affairs – The Gambia.
  • Cash Budgeting and PRSP/Poverty Reduction Strategies: A Review of Case Studies and Lessons for The Gambia, March 2005, unpublished.

Read, write and speak excellent ENGLISH (official language of The Gambia) and FRENCH. Speak fluently the Jola, Mandinka and Wolof local languages.

Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint