Vice President and Minister of Women's Affairs


Address:- Office of The Vice President,
State House, Banjul, The Gambia

Sex: Female (First female VP in West Africa)

Marital Status: Married with 4 children

Date of Birth: 5th March 1952

Place of Birth: Kuntaya, North Bank Division




03 February 2012 Re-appointed as Vice President and Minister of Women's Affairs

20 March 1997

Vice President and Secretary of State for Health, Social Welfare and Women's Affairs

July 1996

Minister of Health, Social Welfare and Women's Affairs

Sept. 1983 - Dec 1989:

Deputy Executive Secretary, Women's Bureau, the executive arm of the Nation Women's Council

1976 - 1983:

Senior Business Advisory and Training Officer, Indigenous Business Advisory Services (IBAS).

1974 - 1976:

Teaching as qualified teacher in Secondary School, under the Education Department, Ministry of Education

1970 - 1972:

Teaching in Secondary School as Pupil Teacher



1995 - 1996:

Chairperson, National Civic Education Panel


Compilation of The Gambia's report on the Status of Women, for the Beijing World Conference on Women (1995).
Preparation of Terms of Reference and related matters and seeking funding for The Gambia's first National Policy on Women and the Review of the National Women's Council Act of 1980.

1994 - 1995:

Member of the Royal Victoria Hospital Management Board.

1992 - 1995:

Member of Gambia College Council.

1991 - 1994:

Member of the National Scholarship Advisory Board.

1990 - 1996:

The formulation of policies, guidelines and programmes for the integration of Women In Development.

1990 - 1996:

General administration in day-today running of the Women's Bureau.

1990 - 1996:

Ex-officio member of National Women's Council.

1990 - 1996:

Resource mobilisation for projects and programmes for women both at the national and International level.

1990 - 1992:

Member of Mile 2 Prison Visiting Committee.

1989 - 1991:

Participated in research on Women, National Accounts and Statistics, Credit Support for Women and Women in the Informal Sector (sponsored by UNIFEM, UNDP).

Jan - April 1987:

Contributed to the designing of a research on comparative roles of the sexes and how this affects the full integration of women in national development.

July - Aug 1986:

Contributed to a research on how to effectively integrate Gambian women in national development and how to meet their needs in national development planning.

May - June 1984

Participated in and contributed to a study entitled "Female Circumcision, The Gambia Experience". The Study examined the economic, social and health implications of the practice of female circumcision.

May - June 1984:

Contributed to a research on how literacy can enhance the socio-economic development of Gambian women.

1984 to date:

Researched and produced papers on Women and Development, Human Rights and multi-sectorally related documents.


Did a needs assessment survey on Gambian Women.

1974- 1976: Short-term contracts as instructor of US Peace Corps Volunteers in Gambian languages and culture.




1964 - 1970:

Armitage High School, Georgetown.
Obtained GCE "0" Level in 4 subjects

1959 - 1964:

Brikama Primary School


Sept. 1988:

The University College of Swansea, University of Wales. Obtained M.Sc. Economics (in Social and Economic Development).

Sept. - Nov. 1981:

The University of the Philippines, Institute for Small-Scale Industries. Obtained Certificate following course in small-scale Industrial Information Management (SINFOMAN).

July 1979 - Dec. 1979: The Research Institute for Management Science, RVB, Delft, The Netherlands. Obtained Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Management.
1971 - 1974: Yundum Teacher's Training College, Qualified Teacher.


English, French, Fula, Wollof and Mandinka.


Travelled widely in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas.


Reading and watching documentary and historical films, meeting people and travelling/visiting places of interest.