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President Jammeh welcomes back the Former President Jawara

Jawara impressed by Jammeh's Excellent leadership

Jawara and Jammeh at a closed door meeting where the Former President agreed to retire from active politics

Pictures taken by Ebrima Drammeh.

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The Former Gambian President Alhaji Sir Dawda Jawara On Monday paid a courtesy call on the president Alhaji Yahya Jammeh at Statehouse.

24th June 2002

The Former Gambian President Alhaji Sir Dawda Jawara On Monday paid a courtesy call on the president Alhaji Yahya Jammeh at Statehouse after returning home from his seven years of self--imposed exile.

Sir Dawda went on exile on July 24th 1994 when young lieutenant of the Gambia Armed Forces headed by the then lieutenant Yahya Jammeh—the current President of the Republic of the Gambia overthrew his Government in a bloodless and peaceful coup d’etat.

Since then, he was based in the United Kingdom with his Family until the President Alhaji Yahya Jammeh granted him full amnesty to return to the Gambia as an elderly statesman. Speaking to Journalist after his audience with the President Sir Dawda said he had agreed with President Jammeh that he return home as an elderly statesman and retire from active politics. He described his return as wonderful as it gives him the opportunity to “meet his Gambian Family and the people of the Gambia in general”

Sir Dawda told Journalist that his returned to the Gambia was delayed due to the fact that President Jammeh was anxious for his return to his residence at the Number 40 Atlantic Boulevard in Fajara the Gambia and the residence had to be renovated. This he said is because President had insisted that he return to his home which he found in “Excellent condition”.

Sir Dawda Jawara said he has the feeling that this gesture by the president to allow him to return home, should contribute to what he called “national reconciliation and harmony”.

Speaking later on to Journalist about how he felt having Jawara back home after many years in exile, President Jammeh said he “felt good that he has finally come back” and that he and Jawara has nothing against each other.. ”the past should past”.

President Jammeh said : “it does not do the Gambia any good for Sir Dawda to be in exile and we feel good tohave him back home”.

President Jammeh recalled the last day he saw Sir Dawda on the 21st of July 1994 at the Banjul international airport.

President Jammeh said his discussions with the former President (Jawara) was about his comfort and if he has any major problems? President Jammeh further stated that, with Sir Dawda’s Political and leadership experience, both of them can work together to develop the country where and whenever necessary.

President Jammeh finally described Sir Dawda as a man of experience and his Government would work with him whenever he (Jawara) has any useful advice to the Nation.

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